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New York, NY, June 15, 2013 -- Fashion in the trending world of cosplaying makes costumes, accessories and essential pieces to be always present in the wardrobe of a cosplay. makes its mark as one of the most trusted brands in the world of cosplay fashion. Since its establishment in the online arena, Cosplay Shopper has been transformed into an ideal online shop in the cosplay apparel industry, offering a variety of choices ranging from different categories per character such as anime cosplay costume, video cosplay costume and other styles which are all arranged properly, making it accessible to anyone who plans to visit or cosplay shop at the site.  COSPLAY SHOPPER has the reputation of providing quality and best selection of high quality cosplay costumes that are affordable and stylish at the same time. Cosplay Shopper is recognized as a worldwide leader in Cosplay-wear. It has been trusted by cosplayers and individuals who would want their cosplay costumes to suit their goals, ideals, craft and lifestyles.'s selection features products crafted and designed by talented designers with years of costume production experience. Such handmade products by the designers are all designed to fit the cosplayer's style and desire. This one-stop shop for your cosplay costumes for any anime or manga characters, even video game characters can be catered by Cosplay Shopper including wigs, accessories, boots and even Lolita dresses and more. A customer's order upon placing a valid order would actually take three to five days to customize the requested costume, made by the professional costume designers. Other costumes and cosplay wigs may take up to ten days. The costume designers will start working on orders at once and immediately when the payment is received. continues the excitement of avid customers and fans as they are provided with deals, sales and discounts every day.

Free costumes and contests would increase the likelihood of customers to be pampered with style and fun, making the customer satisfaction the motivation of Cosplay Shopper to keep improving its business in the evolving field of Cosplaying.'s motto is that every customer should reach its satisfaction and it is such satisfaction that is prioritized by the team and admin of Cosplay Shopper The customer is given the guarantee of the 3R's Rule which is Return, Refund and Replace. Cosplay Shopper is giving customers a chance in cases when they are not satisfied with the products to be returned within seven days or in cases where the wrong product would be received. A refund is made with return shipping charges of 20% handling fee, together with the transaction of the total product purchase will all be deducted from your refund as our costumer. There are instances that may give a customer a full refund after confirming the validity of the issue, considering the fact that whether or not it is the logistics company's fault, or whether or not the customs policy of a certain country would lead to a failure on receiving within the Estimated Delivery Date. There is always a fast response email and a live chat available to specific queries and Cosplay Shopper is known for its very fast shipping and delivery services. Products ordered and are shipped within 2 to 15 business days, always giving every order the top and premium priority., guarantees that the information that the customers will provide will be completely confidential and secured. It is our duty and responsibility to keep all data and information confidential.